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 INSEMICA was created in 2005 after Poland entered UE. Our company is dealing with insemination of cows and sows. Currently, under the name of INSEMICA works 22 inseminators who performs more than 100 thousand treatments per year. Area of operation includes the entire country.

Insemica has licensed semen bank and rights to trade semen all over the country.

INSEMICA company is a direct representative of Sexing Technologies and Taurus Service. Both U.S. companies are producing high quality semen from bulls.


Sexing Technologies is a pioneer and the largest company in the U.S. which deals with sexing  semen and bovine embryos. In 2004 Sexing Technologies began to sell sexed semen as first company in the US. At the same time they obtained license for this product. In 2007 Sexing Technologies became the owner of technology for sexing semen and embryos. Since 2006 they are selling this product to all semen producing stations with big success.

Sexing Technologies cooperate with: Select Sires -Marysville, Ohio- USA, ABS- De Forest, Wisconsin - USA, CRV- Deventer - Netherlands, CRI- Genex -Ithaca, New York -USA, Alta Genetics - Conrich, Alberta - Canada, Trans World Genetics - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin - USA, Accelerated Genetics - Westby, Wisconsin- USA.

 Taurus Service works since 40 years in the global market. From the first moments of creation main assumptions made by the owner - Dick Witers  were consistent with the objectives of each dairy farmer in the world.

Profitable Genetics- is the main slogan of this company. Taurus created great offer for dairy genetics market by giving farmers both  profitable semen with high production trait and functional quality. With this appropriate approach Taurus Service has today a number of satisfied clients around the world.

By buying  conventional or sexed semen from INSEMICA  client can be sure that the product he buys is accurately prepared and based on the best technologies. 

We proudly present a wide range of the most recent genetics from close and distant sides of the world. By reaching for our genetics you allow yourself dear breeders for the right direction in selection which for sure will have positive impact on improving the productivity of your herds and will bring to you desire results.

We are ready to guarantee in the most  reliable way a common milk future.

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Insemica zaprasza do współpracy inseminatorów oraz lekarzy weterynarii.
Posiadamy bogatą ofertę buhajów ras mlecznych i mięsnych.
Gwarantujemy rewelacyjne ceny!!!!


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